Nike Reveals the Future of Footwear

Nike Reveals the Future of Footwear 2

Each year we see Nike continue to push the boundaries in sneaker innovation. Aside from the ultra cool power laces, it seems the sportswear goliath is now looking to create the smart sneaker of the future. After filing recent patents for an all new design, we’ve been given a sneak peak at the latest advancements which could be coming soon.

Nike Reveals the Future of Footwear

One patent drawing shows a sneak which includes an inbuilt activity tracker. This records and analyses the wearers movements and includes their weight, distance travelled and calories burned. It would then be possible to create tailored training regimes and exercises for the wearers needs. No longer would you need to wear a smartwatch or wrist device as all the computing power is now at your feet.

Nike Reveals the Future of Footwear 3Images via Highsnobiety

Next up, we have a second patent for customization which utilizes a computer based design interface. The wearer can take control of the layout and knitting process to create their own tailored product. Sneakerheads could now manufacture their own Flyknit model to suit their specific foot size and shape. It would also tie in with the ability to 3D print your sneaker which many large brands have been focusing on. Although Nike havn’t confirmed or denied these patent applications, we’re hyped for the future of footwear.




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