Nike Air Huarache Ultra Blue Review

Huarache Ultra Blue 1

We recently got our hands on the amazing upcoming Nike Air Huarache Ultra Blue, which is scheduled to release on Boxing Day alongside the Black, Turquoise and Mango editions.

The first thing you notice as you slip on the sleek silhouette, is the familiar cushioning underfoot. The sole is taken from the slightly bulkier Air Huarache sibling which, as we’re sure you are already aware, is extremely comfortable.

Huarache Ultra Blue 2

The midsole is very similar to the original, however only the tip and heel are crafted from rubber instead of the whole outsole. Additionally, the forefoot is cored-out which provides more flexibility.

Huarache Ultra Blue 3

The slimmed down appearance of the shoe also affects the fit. These were very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and thanks to the 8-piece Flywire rope lacing system, allows a very snug and customisable fit.

Huarache Ultra Blue 4

The same Huarache DNA is present in the Ultra edition, just re-imagined in a lighter and sleeker way. For a women’s edition, you couldn’t ask for more feminine take on a classic silhouette.

Huarache Ultra Blue 5

The eye popping Photo Blue will appeal to many, however there are other colourways to choose from on Boxing Day.

Overall, we are sure the ladies will be happy with this release. The slimmed down silhouette is light, comfortable and looks great on foot. What more could you ask for?!

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Blue Release Date

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra Blue is scheduled to release on Boxing day alongside the other colourways in the pack. You can find all the retailers right here.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and release reminders for this awesome pair of kicks.

Which colourway will you go for on boxing day? Let us know which in the comments section below.


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