Adidas EQT Atheleisure Pack Closer Look


The EQT from Adidas has made quite the comeback this year. Following the initial drop in of EQT colourways earlier this year, the collection is back with a new Atheleisure design. The shoes feature a bold and stylish makeup while retaining true to the classic EQT line.


The pack will consist of four colourways, of muted tones including, all-black and black/olive palettes. The shoes sit on top of a durable outsole making them ideal for these slippery conditions which lie ahead.


The shoes sit on top of a white midsole and have a crossing lace design which gives the pair some added style and finesse.


Adidas EQT Atheleisure Pack Release Date

The entire Adidas EQT Atheleisure Pack is scheduled to release at midnight tonight and you can find all the retailers right here.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and release reminders for these sweet kicks.

Which colourway will you go for? Let us know which in the comments section below.


Images via Solebox

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