Found Festival 2016

Found Festival 2016 2

The summer of 2015 was an exciting time for the music collective Found. Transforming themselves from underground clubbing scene to major festival series, we saw some of the best summer raves in the UK. Now we’re excited to announce their latest collaboration with their fourth edition of the Found Festival, set to take place on Saturday 11th June 2016.

Returning to the notorious fields of Brockwell Park in Brixton, this 2016 extravaganza will take you on journey deeper into underground bliss than ever before. How are they going make this happen? For the first time, Found will be teaming up with some of the greatest underground acts of our time including Find Me In The Dark, secretsundaze, Art of Dark and Feelings.

Also known for their ability to showcase some of the latest and greatest from the underground community, a sixth arena will now host resident DJ’s from institutions across the UK. These groundbreaking acts include Abadon Silence, 808, Cubed, Planetary Notions and Turf to name a few.

Aside from the exciting lineup, partygoers can expect a fantastical series of venues with event production pushing out all the stops. It makes for an unforgettable day of great music and guaranteed good times!

Limited early bird tickets have gone on sale now for £15. Grab a pair before it’s too late from here.

Found Festival 2016 1

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