Japanese Sneakerhead Culture

Video via GQ

Famed for their unique and distinctive fashion, the youth of Japan have long been at the forefront of streetwear style. Many seem to take the best parts of western culture whilst adding their own inspired flare, creating a one-of-a-kind look. It’s not just the clothing, this spills over into their sneaker style.

A video produced by fashion magazine, GQ as part of an upcoming Sneakerheadz series has highlighted this Japanese style and their obsession with sneaker collecting. It shows the many popular silhouettes to have taken the country by storm, namely the Nike Air Max which has been a huge success since its release in the late eighties.

A considerable part of the video, showcases one sneaker collector, Katsuhige Kamamoto who now owns his own store, Skit. It may be a bricks and mortar shop, but his unique business platform only focuses on reselling. With an inventory of 15,000 kicks, we’re guessing this is one store that all you sneakerheads would love to explore.

Check out the video to see Kamamoto’s shop and to learn more about the iconic Japanese youth culture.

What do you think of the Japanese obsession with sneaks. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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