Mark Wahlberg’s Sneaker Collection Worth $100K


We all love Marky Mark! If not for his awesome films, then for the fact that he’s a self-professed sneakerhead. When you’re getting paid millions of dollar for a movie role, you can invest in your passion like we can only dream of, and that’s exactly what Mark Wahlberg has done.

Campless has investigated just how much his sneaker collection is worth after going to his home and spending hours assessing his collection.

137 shoes were examined, however Campless only track 90 of them, meaning the collection is actually worth more! Wahlberg’s collection is calculated to be worth $100K with the most expensive models being the Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4, OVO Air Jordan 12 “White,” and Duckman Air Jordan 14.

Take  a look at these infographics below for a detailed rundown of his collection:




3333Images via Campless

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